What is Interface?

Interface is the smart companion for your Infinite Garden journey. It is a mobile app that helps you explore everything that happens on-chain.

Why iOS and Android apps differ?

Interface is currently in public beta, available on both iOS and Android. At this moment, the Android version is slightly behind, so you might not get the same functionality as on iOS; however, we are now working hard to align the development of both apps. You can expect the up to date version of the Android app by May 2023.

I want to use demo mode, where do I get the password?

The demo mode is currently only available for Apple reviewers.

Why is my wallet not eligible?

We have set certain entry criteria to access the app – this way we make sure Interface users are real people with some blockchain experience.
In case you think Interface is not properly detecting the assets you have and, thus, prevents you from gaining the required points, please contact us via email (connect@interface.social) or DM on Twitter (@interfacedapp).

How do I change my name and/or profile picture?

Your name and profile picture are automatically fetched from ENS. If you wish to set/change your name or profile picture, please proceed to ENS website and follow the instructions.

‍We are currently working on making it possible to change ENS name/ avatar within Interface, so please bare with us.

I have a Lens/Farcaster accounts but they are not displayed in my profile, why?

Please make sure you hold your Lens domain and/or are connected to Farcaster with the same wallet that you logged in Interface with. In case you think the issue is on our side, please contact us via email (connect@interface.social) or DM on Twitter (@interfacedapp).

How do I mute notifications?

You control which notifications you receive in the Settings menu. By default, you get 3 types of notifications:
1. New followers: you are notified once someone followed you on Interface. If you no longer wish to receive such notifications, just toggle off the New followers tab in the settings.
2. Your own transactions: you are notified once a transaction performed by the wallet you’re logged in with is complete. If you no longer wish to receive such notifications, just toggle off the My transactions tab in the settings.
3. Transactions of accounts you follow: by default, you get transaction notifications from accounts you follow. You can mute accounts by choosing β€œMute” in their profile or in the settings.

We will soon introduce more variety in terms on notification control.

How do I report a bug?

Click on 3 dots on the right corner of a transaction or inside a transaction to report a bug. Alternatively, you can always do so on Discord in the #bugs channel.